Why #TipsToStrengthenImmunity Trending on Twitter?

The #TipsToStrengthenImmunity Given by saint dr @Gurmeetramrahim Singh Ji Insan, are very useful for us. He says that we should eat vitamin C rich in like mousami, oranges, Amala, lemons to boost our immune system. These things increase the resistance to infections”

“Saint Dr Gurmeet ram Rahim Singh Insan Ji has given many #TipsToStrengthenImmunity , the present time demands that we should be physically and mentally strong as well as autism. Let us include these in our routine and stay healthy.”

“Here are various #TipsToStrengthenImmunity if you follow them you will definitely able to fight against disease like Coronavirus. Make your diet healthier having rich proteins & vitamin C which is very helpful to increase immunity. St @Gurmeetramrahim Ji urge people to do same.”