Aaoraja: What you need to know before visiting India

Visiting another country for the first time is always an exciting thing. There’s nothing quite like doing something new and experiencing new things, especially in a country like India. This is why we at Aaoraja work so hard to make sure that our country is well-represented and people want to come and visit. 

If this is your first visit to India and you have no idea what to expect, don’t worry because we at Aaoraja have you covered. For more information, take a look at some of the tips you need to know before visiting India. 

Be adventurous with the food 

You simply need to try some of the most popular dishes in India. People usually love eating naan bread, curry, samosas, palak paneer and so much more. If you think you’ve already had flavourful food, then you’re in for a surprise because almost everything is delicious in India. Do a bit of exploring and research some of the best places to eat. 

Bring stomach and diarrhoea medication 

While the food in India is delicious, some of the ingredients may not sit too well with people who aren’t used to the cuisine. This is why some travellers are prone to stomach sickness or get diarrhoea if they’re not used to certain ingredients. It’s not something to worry about, but it would be better if you’re prepared with the right medication. 

Dress comfortably and conservatively

Keep in mind that cultures all over the world are very different. If you’re used to wearing whatever you want back home, the same cannot be said in India. The people there dress conservatively and don’t really like exposing themselves. 

So, be sure to bring a good combination of pants and tops that don’t show off too much skin. Otherwise, you may be catcalled on the streets or be frowned upon by some of the older, more traditional Indian locals. You might not be able to enter certain establishments as well. 

Haggling is normal in India 

There’s no doubt that you need to go shopping especially if you’re in a beautiful place like India. To make the experience better and to help you save money, you can learn how to haggle. Don’t take this in a negative way because haggling is a form of negotiation or bargaining in India.

Keep your personal items safe 

In big cities in India, some locations can be prone to crime and pickpocketing. To help keep you and your belongings safe, be sure to stay alert and know where all of your valuables are. Either keep a lock on your backpack or wear your bags in the front of your body. That way, you won’t fall victim to any thieves. 

Be open-minded

Last but not least, don’t forget to be open-minded when visiting India for the first time. Expect that you will experience culture shock especially if you’re from Western countries. Simply enjoy the experience and take the time to try new things.