PUBG NEWS Result announced, Team soul wins the India finals and going to Berlin-
Everyone’s favourite Team soul wins the PUBG mobile club open 2019 India championship. It will be representing INDIA in Berlin. Teal soul conquered the INDIA championship and didn’t disappoint their fans.
  • It was so tight fight especially between Team IND and Team SOUL.
  • It was hard to say who will represent INDIA in Berlin until the last zone.

Last month Tencent Games announced its PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 (PMCO) tournament.
Vivo announced that it will be sponsoring the event.
It raised the total prize pool from $2 million to $2.5 million (Rs 17.3 crores approx), along with supplying phones to be used during the tournament.
Now TEAM SOUL will get a chance to represent their country in the PMCO Global Spring Split Finals in Berlin, Germany in July.
The company witnessed 32 teams playing against each other in the global esports tournament.
When Team SOUL was declared the winner of the PMCO 2019 INDIA finals, it was a great moment for their fans.
Until the last match Team, IND was on 1st position and Team SOUL was on 2nd position.
But in the final match Team SOUL played well and won the championship.

Top 10 standings of PMCO 2019 INDIA Finals-

  1. TEAM SOUL – 254
  2. TEAM IND – 246
  3. INDIAN TIGERS – 219
  4. ENTITY GAMING – 205
  6. TEAM ORB – 163
  7. GODLIKE – 159
  8. EVIL BIG FELLAS – 149
  9. HYDRA – 148
  10. MEGASTARS – 147


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