Most popular Indian artists

India’s art style has a rich and complex history that is incomparable to any other cultures in the world. They have a thousand years worth of culture poured into their works and that is what makes it stand out from the rest. This unique outlook on art only makes us wonder about the geniuses that came up with it. Take a look at the best Indian artist on our list and allow us to show you their masterpieces below: 

Raja Ravi Varma 

Raja Ravi is born from an aristocratic family and learned the basics of painting at a young age in Madurai. His talent in painting caused him to be an apprentice to the great water painter Rama Swami Naidu and oil painter Theodor Jenson. The combination of both the talents teaching him allowed Raja Ravi to apply the latest European academic art techniques while also focusing on the traditional aesthetic of Indian art. 

According to historians, his work is considered the best product of the fusion between European techniques and Indian sensibility. Despite being one of the best, Raja Ravi didn’t price his works too high. He made it available for the general public since he believed that art is for everyone. His most popular work depicts a scene from the popular Indian epic, Mahabharata. 

Maqbool Fida Husain 

In his early years as an artist, Husain used to paint billboards for Mumbai films. He quickly improved and became the founding father of progressive artist’s group in Bombay during 1947. His group included prominent names in the art industry and his talent later made him known as the Picasso of India. 

As an artist, he is known for creating bold and vibrant paintings that are modified with a cubist style. He doesn’t have a specific subject for his art since Maqbool loves to explore a variety of images like Mother Theresa and Mahatma Gandhi. During his career as an artist, he also received an award in Padma Vibhushan. He is a revered artist, but his earlier works caused controversy in India since it featured the deities of India in a nude painting. His most popular work is Horses, painted in 1960.  

Amrita Sher-Gil 

Amrita is a female artist with works that are highly influenced by the European style of painting since she moved to Europe at the young age of 16. Most of her art is influenced by the style of Paul Cezanne and Paul Gauguin, who is Vincent Van Gogh’s roommate in the yellow house. Her most notable work is titled the Young Girls. This painting won her countless accolades, which includes a gold medal and a nomination in the Associate of the Grand Salon in Paris.

Jamini Roy 

Jamini Roy is an artist who began his career by painting post-impressionist landscapes and portraits. Just like Amrita, his works are also influenced by European artists. Due to his training in the British Academy System. His most popular work is the Mother and Child painted in 1921.