CarryMinati New Video Again Break Records (7.2 Million likes)

Why CarryMinati”s YOUTUBE VS TIK TOK: THE END Video Deleted by Youtube –
According to some youtube creators, CarryMinati video deleted because Youtube’s Harassment and cyberbullying policy.

According to YouTube’s policy page, “Content that threatens individuals is not allowed on YouTube. We also do not allow content that targets an individual with prolonged or malicious insults based on intrinsic attributes, including their protected group status or physical traits.”

Aaoraja: What happened to the viral Youtube vs TikTok video?

Have you heard the name CarryMinati over social media recently? If you haven’t seen his youtube videos, then you’re missing out! In May 2020, his roast video titled ‘Youtube vs TikTok – The End’ went viral on the internet. It was later turned down by Youtube because of alleged bullying and use of foul words. 

Now that we got your attention, get to know more about the biggest content creator of Youtube India right here at Aaoraja. How did he take the internet to storm with his creative videos and comedic commentaries?

Who is the man behind the viral video?

The content creator Ajey Nagar, widely known by Youtube India under his social media alias CarryMinati, is a 21-year-old streamer from Faridabad, India. His fans know him for his comedic skits and antics on various social media topics on his channel. 

Ever since he was ten years old, he has been posting videos on the said platform. He usually uploads video game reactions and streams until his channel became a venue for him to create comedic parodies, sketches, and music. 

All his videos have this unique and energetic Hindi commentary that fans love so much. Most of his creations revolve around diss tracks about various things found on the internet. He, along with his team, creates the videos for the channel in a makeshift studio right at his home in Faridabad. 

Before his career in youtube content creation boomed, he attended high school but dropped out in 2016 to pursue this online career. Moreover, he was seriously nervous about passing his exams which pushed him further to skip school altogether. 

A few years later, he picked up his schooling through long-distance learning and eventually graduated from high school. 

Youtube video controversy

Amir Siddiqui, a famous TikTok star in India, released his video calling out YouTubers for unoriginality. He compared both social media platforms and said that Youtube creators are plagiarizing TikTok content. Moreover, he dared creators to roast him as a response to his statement. 

CarriMinati, as a response, posted his Youtube vs TikTok – The End and caught the attention of many fans. In his video, he took Amir quite personally and dissected the statement made by the TikTok creator line by line. It was a roast to end the social media presence of Amir. The video was taken down because of various reports that it was against Youtube policies. Additionally, the video was said to be uploaded in bad faith. 

Fans were not happy about this and took to Twitter to say that taking down the video was unfair for CarryMinati. Afterwards, he uploaded another video titled ‘Stop Making Assumptions | Youtube vs TikTok: The End’ that received support from the community. 

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